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Amazon Kindle Roundup

A roundup of Kindle news, for those of you keeping track.

Guy Kawasaki: Amazon Announced Kindle

"Summary: If you want something that requires very little attention that will deliver your favorite newspapers, magazine, and blogs, you should definitely check out Kindle. Having reference books and documents handy is also quite valuable. Reading electronic versions of novels is cream. If nothing else, you have to admire Amazon for trying things that are as interesting as Kindle, S3, and Mechanical Turk."

Gizmodo: Video: How to use Amazon Kindle

Gizmodo: Amazon Kindle Hands-On and Questions Answered (with Gallery)

"What's in the library, aka Kindle Book Store? There are already plenty of books, 90,000 in all, including 101 of the current NYT bestsellers. Don't believe us? See for yourself at the Amazon Kindle Store."

Wired: Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader

BoingBoing Gadgets: 15 Things I Just Learned About the Amazon Kindle

Apple Insider: Amazon's New Kindle dubbed the 'iPod of reading'

Daring Fireball: Dum

"So the Kindle proposition is this: You pay for downloadable books that can’t be printed, can’t be shared, and can’t be displayed on any device other than Amazon’s own $400 reader — and whether they’re readable at all in the future is solely at Amazon’s discretion. That’s no way to build a library."

Scoble: Amazon Reader Hate

"For $400 this device is pretty damn remarkable. It can be read out in bright sunlight (my $3,000 Mac can’t do that). Its battery lasts dozens of hours. It’s a joy to use for the stated purpose: reading."

BusinessWeek: Can Amazon Kindle Digital Book Fever?

Russell Shaw: IMHO: Amazon Kindle drum roll another example of digerati clustercluck

"You know the real word I wanted to type but my Mom raised a gentleman."

Wall Street Journal: IPod of E-Book Readers? Amazon Taps Apple Strategy

Peter Glaskowsky: Amazon's Kindle: first impressions

BlogCritics: Bringing Books into Generation G(adget): the Amazon Kindle

"But it appears that the best thing about the Kindle is the delivery system. No computers, no wires, no sync-ing. Just press button, browse the store, push another button and voila. Instant book-gratification. Best sellers are $9.99, and a quick browse this morning found that most books (that would likely by now be in paperback) go for around $5-6.00. No shipping fee and instant delivery. No charge to wirelessly connect to the store either."

Silicon Alley Insider: What the Kindle Isn't


David Pogue of the New York Times and Wilson Rothman of Gizmodo give their reviews.

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