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Hear This: On Digital Media, Episode #51: Open to being Social

John Federico

On Digital Media #51 has been posted for your listening pleasure.

Get it here.

In this episode John Federico, Chia-Lin Simmons and Steve Hatch chat about:

  • Steve has upgraded his blog from Moveable Type to Wordpress. (Finally).

  • Chia-Lin successfully moderated her first panel discusion at Digital Hollywood, Steve attended the SOA conference and John had the opportunity to speak on New Measurement for New Media at Podcamp Boston. Thanks to Mssrs. Penn and Brogan for a great event and thanks to Jeff Pulver for contributing the space for the event and sponsoring the official cocktail reception on Saturday night.

  • John was a guest lecturer in Heidi Cohen's Class at NYU for her student who are working toward their MS in Direct and Interactive Marketing. Thanks to Heidi for the gracious invitation and to her students for their participation.

  • John will be attending Convergence 2007: The future of Advertising, Communications and Media on December 3rd in NYC. Care to join me?

  • FaceBook is allowing entities (Corporations, Brands, Non-Profits, Podcasts, etc.) to create profiles, just like any individual can. Steve loves it, John and Chia-Lin like it, but we are all somewhat skeptical of its value. Coupled with FaceBook Ads, is it a threat to Google?

  • Seth Godin thinks that FaceBook has a Hotmail problem. We absolutely agree.

  • Google announces the Open Social API's. MySpace and Ning are notable partners who are embracing the technology. Will FaceBook adopt it?

  • Where's my gPhone? Google releases Android and announces thirty-three hardware partners participating in the Open Handset Alliance. Chia-Lin thinks that it's not just a threat to existing handset OS developers and handset manufacturers, but also to the U.S. carriers.

  • What happens if Nokia joins the Alliance and Symbian doesn't? Doh! More importantly, should Apple be looking over its shoulder? A classic ODM-style debate ensues...

  • Writers strike for digital rights. And they should.

Our music is Democracy from Alexander Blu.

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