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Charlene Li on Google's Open Social API: FaceBook isn't threatened -- for now

John Federico

Application developers are going to go to where the heat is, and that heat is red hot at Facebook. They have not only a lead with 6,000 social apps already on their platform, but also close to 50 million users actively using those applications (Hitwise reports that Facebook traffic is 9X the OpenSocial coalition, but this doesn't include international traffic). Add on the third leg of the social app stool -- monetization, which Facebook is set to announce Nov. 6th -- and you have a developer's dream. Any developer worth his/her salt is developing on the Facebook platform, trying to figure what works, what doesn't. And because of this head start, developers will still develop for Facebook FIRST before developing for OpenSocial. It's similar to search engine optimization -- most Webmasters optimize their sites for Google's bots first, and then worry about the other search engines.

Definitely read the rest of Charlene's post here.

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