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People I connected with at Podcamp Boston 2

Bill Rowland of Philly Food Guys ("Hittin' the streets for underground eats.")

Vikki Ott, Communications Manager at Haley & Aldrich

Beth Kanter, Trainer, Blogger and Consultant

Peter K. O'Connell, audio'connell

Julien Smith

Chef Mark of the ReMARKable Palate

Evan Blaustein, CEO of mimoco, makers of the mimobot (I have a 1 GB pupstar.)

Aaron Gotwalt of verbr

Cliff Ravenscraft of gspn

C.C. Chapman

Chris Brogan

Christopher Penn

John Wall of The M Show and Marketing Over Coffee

Shwen Gwee of the eTech@Work Podcast

Craig Calder, CMO of Mochila

Beth Kanter

Robert Allen and Holli Ehrlich of The Wedding Podcast Network

Doug Haslam of Topaz Partners

Rich Hilliard

Doug Smith of Podango

Jason Van Orden and his lovely wife, Melanie

John Havens of blogtalkradio

Eric Rochow, creator of GardenFork.TV and

David Maister, Consultant and Author (He signed my copy of The Trusted Advisor!)

Martin Leone of the Dyann Bakes video podcast

Greg Narain of Blue Whale Labs

Peggy Miles of Intervox

Todd Cochrane and Jeff Hinz of RawVoice

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Reader Comments (1)

Enjoyed meeting you. Thanks for posting your slides url

I aggregated links here;

October 30, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBeth Kanter

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