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Your 5G iPod + Mixer = Belkin TuneStudio

John Federico

This summer, Belkin will release the TuneStudio - a mixing board that records audio to 5G iPods.

It appears to have 4 channels: channels one and two have either balanced XLR or line connectors; channel three has L/R line connectors and channel four appears to have RCA connectors. Each channel has a three-band equalizer. It's hard to tell from the rendering, but it looks like channels one and two will have phantom power.

According to Sean Captain at Gizmodo, it'll be $180.

This could be a good portable rig for podcasters, but I'd be a little worried about using it too often - the iPod hard drive wasn't meant to take that kind of abuse. I bet that someone will hack it to record to a Mac or PC. Just a hunch...

UPDATE: Ryan Block at Engadget confirms that it will have phantom power

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