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Spare iPhone Battery: $14.99

A few weeks ago, I had two major reservations about getting an iPhone:

  1. No Microsoft Exchange support

  2. An inability to swap in a fresh battery

I can get around the Exchange support issue by using IMAP to retrieve email and sync my calendar, contacts and tasks using a cable.

That said, the final barrier to my purchasing an iPhone (other than scoring an acceptable WAF) is the iPhone's inability to swap in a fresh battery when I need one.

But then, my brain got into hacking mode. You know this thing is going to have a Dock Connector, right? Well then, here's my spare battery:

The Griffin TuneJuice Battery Backup for iPod

Originally designed to power your iPod "for those times when you just gotta have more than what your iPod battery can give you," you can easily plug your iPhone into this puppy and power your iPhone for an undetermined amount of time. Your only additional cost will be the 9V battery you'll need to put in it and even then, you could probably use a rechargeable one.

But, it's discontinued, you say?

Well, there's always the TunePower Rechargeable Battery Pack from Belkin.

Different brand, same concept. (Bigger price, though: $79.99) I'd prefer to purchase this one anyway, given the fact that it's rechargeable, the battery life appears to be that much greater and its got a three year warranty.

There you have it - final objection removed. Now where is that damn iPhone!?!?! ;)

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