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Funky blog posts in Wordpress?

John Federico

I'm having some weirdness with Wordpress. Whenever I publish a fairly substantial post using ecto, the formatting of the post on the home page gets all funky: the post title doesn't appear and the formatting of the post itself appears as a single block of text.

The links within the post work as do the Technorati tags. What's even stranger is that if you could navigate to the individual post (which you can't since the post title doesn't appear) you'd see that it looks fine.

Short, quickie posts as well as my links appear fine. I've also tried editing the post through the Wordpress interface and end up with the same results, so I don't think it's specifically related to ecto.

Does anyone have some ideas? I'm stumped.

UPDATE: It must be related to the theme in some way: if I change the theme, the posts appear fine. So, if you visit this site and it looks a little different, you'll know why: I'm playing with themes.

UPDATE No. 2: You've probably noticed a new theme on this site. This is a (slightly) modified version of the "unsleepable" theme based on K2. Kindly post your thoughts in the comments.

UPDATE No. 3: My wife has just informed me that she doesn't like the hot pink. ;)

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