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Gnomedex Discussion Leaders: Chris Messina and Tara Hunt

Think small. What kind of successes have people had by thinking small and taking small steps. (This is reminiscent of Jason Fried's philosophy.)

Reference to Seth Godin's "The Bootstrapper's Bible".

Reference Dogster as an example of thinking small and bootstrapping. Ted is the audience to contribute to the conversation. They're 9 people and hiring. is working with other startups to come together in a collaborative process to create a seamless calendar with other web services as a means to compete with Google.

"We don't need to have 800 lb gorillas, we can have ten 80 lb orangutans."

"I work for Intel. What could a big company like ours do that would delight people like 30boxes or dogster or any of these other engaging companies."

Marc Canter: "Do you have specific ideas of collaboration by these small companies?"

Derek Miller: "Don't forget that you can build a business that serves people who don't want to be on the public Internet."

"There are many small businesses that don't live on the Internet like many of us do."

"What does it mean to succeed? It means different things to different people at different times in their lives."

Shannon Clark: "It would be interesting to have companies collaborate in shared physical spaces." (TechSpace and eEmerge come to mind...)

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