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Ethan Kaplan wants to talk about buying digital content at Gnomedex

John Federico

Ethan Kaplan's talk at Gnomedex (Saturday, July 1st @ 11:30a) will be about buying digital audio and video:

I’ve been thinking about what I want to talk about at Gnomedex later this week, and I keep coming around to a blog post I made about the intrinsic monetary value of digital content, and how it is ascribed.

The $39 Dollar Song and 6 Cent Ringtone didn’t really light up the charts on the TechMeme saturated blogosphere, but it is a valid discussion to have, especially when the business of content is exploding as it is (to use Jeff Jarvis’ parlance).

Given who I work for and my experience, I know a little something about that. ;) I'll be happy to contribute to that discussion and hope to be able to add some value.

[via Chris Pirillo]

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