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Business Smart Tools Conference

John Federico

I'm at the Business Smart Tools Conference in Stamford, CT today. David Pogue is the keynoter - he's a great speaker - and he loves Engadget! (Not surprising.)

Many of the people in the audience are blogosphere newbies and David provides a nice, friendly overview of the process of writing a blog, reading blogs and some pitfalls to be aware of.

David encourages his wife to listen to podcasts - and this is a man who works in traditional media. He gave us a quick peek at his iTunes podcast library - David is also a fan of This Week in Tech.

Mike Dunn is presenting on the topic podcasting. His presentation can be found here. (I forgot how long Mike's been involved in blogging and podcasting...)

Matt Kain from 24/7 Real Media is giving an overview of search marketing. They seem to have an interesting set of management tools. Like David, who demonstrated the ease of setting up a blogger account, Matt is creating a Google AdWords account and demonstrating how to set up a campaign. People were surprised. That, is surprising to me. ("The future is here. It's just not evenly distributed yet.")

Dave Parmet is talking about blogging. ("It's not about content, but connection.") According to Dave, it's illegal to omit a discussion of The Long Tail when talking about blogging, so...

Dave Parmet

The event finished up with a panel which included (in addition to those mentioned above) Reena Jana, BusinessWeek Online's Innovation and Design Writer and Ron Stevenson, VP Strategic Marketing, Global Media & Communications GE Commercial Finance.

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