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Ubercaster: Podcast production as it was meant to be

John Federico

For all you budding podcasters out there who are evaluating your tools and techniques for recording your audio, I think you may want to reconsider until you check out Ubercaster. (There's supposed to be an umlaut above the 'U', but I have no idea how to render that. Use your imagination: pretend it's there.)

Ubercaster is the slickest piece of Mac audio software I've seen to date. Not only does it appear to be quite powerful, but simple and intuitive. I know that I'll be substituting my current setup for this software as soon as it's available. No word on pricing yet, which could change my mind (but I doubt it).

The features are just too numerous to list. So go here to read up on it. Be sure to watch the video here.

(Via TUAW.)

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