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W tries too hard

No, not "dubya". (He doesn't try hard enough...) I'm talking about the W Hotel. I'm staying at The W Seattle and it's my first experience with the hotel chain.

It's nice. Elegant. Reasonably priced (except for the espresso - $5 for a dopio!).

But they try too hard.

No, I'm not talking about the service. It's fine. Great. As a business, you should always strive to deliver more than is expected of you, particularly when you're a hotel.

It's the brand. It tries too, too hard to be hip and cool. When I checked in, the music was so loud in reception that I could barely speak with the front desk clerk. After stepping off the elevator to search for my room, the hallways were so dimly lit ("mood lighting") that I could barely read the numbers on the doors.

Then, there are all the W's.

Alliteration is a powerful communications tool and can reinforce a brand but after, say, the 100th W, it gets old. Almost annoying.

They need to ratchet it back a bit. Brands should be strong, not overbearing.

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