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Christmas Arrived Early: Alesis MultiMix FireWire 8 Mixer

John Federico

One of my Christmas gifts arrived via courier yesterday: an Alesis MultiMix FireWire 8 Mixer. (Sshhh. Don't tell my Mom that I already opened it. She's funny that way...) ;)

Wow. What a difference.

I was using a Behringer UB1202 mixer to record On Digital Media using the internal sound capture card on my MacBook. Anyone who's done that knows that there's usually lots of latency and that there's little flexibility in post-production when you have multiple panelists in a simple two-track recording.

In addition to monitoring in real-time with zero latency, the MultiMix can assign each panelist to their own track and allow me to adjust the final mix in post. It's going to make things so much easier.

I also learned today that GarageBand can perform simultaneous multi-track recording! For me, this is great since the Cubase LE software that came bundled with the MultiMix isn't a Universal Binary and I'm just more comfortable using GarageBand.

I'll have more to report after I've used it to record a few episodes.

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