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Dueling DNS or "Why I Should Have NEVER Used Media Temple"

John Federico

OK - now I'm getting really pissed. I changed the DNS for last night before I went to bed. When I arrived at the office today, it appeared as though DNS had propagated.

However, as I'm sitting here (quite literally), Media Temple pushes an update to DNS which then switched DNS BACK to their name servers and subsequently, to my old Wordpress install. I'm not really sure how this is possible, given that I instructed the registrar (GoDaddy) to change the DNS authority for the domain but lo and behold, there it is. So, the posts that I made earlier today ended up in the wrong instance of wordpress.

When is this nightmare going to end?

UPDATE: Looks like things are starting to right themselves, but there are still some DNS caching issues. Some people might still be seeing the old Wordpress instance. Hopefully it will clear up in the next 24 hours.

NOTE: In all fairness, these issues no longer have anything to do with Media Temple - caching is just a function of how some DNS servers work.

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