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John Wall Extends Media Empire. Film at 11.

John Wall, host of the popular podcast "The M Show" is now blogging. You can find his prose at the Ronin Marketeer.

What's a Ronin Marketeer? Well, here's a definition for "Ronin" that I found via Google:

"Ronin is a Japanese word for a wandering Samurai....or a masterless Warrior. Not a master warrior mind you, but one that has no master. He may be a renegade of sorts, one who has lost the protection of his clan or society because of some indiscretion or another. His Family may not exist anymore...and that is why he has lost his honor and decided to wander. He is a man unto himself, with no master, and himself to answer to, for his actions. A renegade is a good description for him."

I'm not sure I buy into the whole "outcast" facet of the definition as it relates to Mr. Wall, but it'll do.

My first reaction was, "He named his blog WHAT!?" but now that I understand the clever reference, it's grown on me, just like its author.


Welcome to the blogosphere, John.

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Reader Comments (1)

Thanks for the welcome, of course as soon as things start rolling I'm buried alive in content at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago. I owe you - I was trolling through stuff and saw this post and laughed out loud, now the other attendees in think I'm a freak (not a big deal since there was no time to network at the event anyway). I'm finally digging (and thawing) out.

The "outcast" side of Ronin is a bit extreme, but when I compare this generation of marketers to my Dad's 40 years with GE it does feel like there's no Clan watching over us.

Wine selection to follow!

December 6, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJohn Wall

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