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Hear This: On Digital Media, Episode #15

John Federico

John, Chia-Lin and Ken are back from the Thanksgiving holiday. We hope all of our U.S. listeners had some good bird…

In Episode #15 of On Digital Media:

* Audio Comment from John Wall of The M Show
* Of Playstations, XBoxes and Wii’s: Games, Gamers and Gaming
* YouTube & Revver on Verizon Wireless’ vCast
* Sideloading music and the economics of distributing digital media on wireless networks
* Wireless Carriers trying too many things?
* Ken would give up his cell phone for his iPod; John thinks he’s fooling himself
* Librarian of Congress comments: “DVD ripping not legal”; OK for college professors
* HBO mulling over broadband video site for current HBO On Demand subscribers
* Big Media is making $500 million dollars in revenue from digital media
* What skills do you need as a Digital Media Exec working for Big Media?
* Would Michael Richards have gotten into as much hot water without digital media?

Our wine this week was: Francis Coppola Diamond Series Pinot Noir.

Our closing music is Democracy from Alexander Blu.

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