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I'm not worshipping at the Media Temple, at the moment

John Federico

I recently switched from Dreamhost to Media Temple's "Grid Server" system as I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the poor uptime and performance at Dreamhost.

Media Temple received a positive write up on TechCrunch and the premise behind it seemed sound - a cluster of machines hosting groups of web sites, rather than the traditional shared hosting model. So, after some due diligence, I jumped in with both feet.

After much consternation, I moved both of my Wordpress-based sites to Media Temple and was quite relieved when I got everything working properly and all the DNS changes had propagated.

That said, since switching over about a month ago, I've seen more outages on Media Temple than I did on Dreamhost. (Mostly database connectivity issues.)

C'mon guys - are you going to get the Grid Server working right at some point? I really don't feel like moving my sites again, but I will if I must.

Mosso offers a similar system, but it's $100/month and targeted toward hosting resellers.

All I want is reliable hosting for my blog and podcast without spending a fortune. (These are side projects, after all...)

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