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Hear This: On Digital Media, Episode #8

John Federico

Episode #8 of On Digital Media was posted on Friday. I had to ask my friendly neighborhood audio engineer to tweak it. Apparently, both my mic and Chia-Lin's were a bit over-modulated. The same friendly neighborhood audio engineer is supposed to be in attendance for this week's episode to help me get my act together...

After our attendance at the Podcast & Portable Media Expo, we discusss a bit more podcasting than usual.

* ESPN writes off their MVNO
* New Jersey to tax downloadable music & video
* SanDisk & Real add a physical retail partner to their music service: BestBuy
* eBook Readers abound: Sony, Panasonic, Fujitsu, others
* Sony battery recalls may extend to other gadgets
* DVD John introduces DoubleTwist - a company to help media providers to get on the iPod using a reverse-engineered version of Apple's FairPlay DRM
* Leo proposes the use of Netcast
* Popcurrent launched by an old-school new media veteran
* Nokia extends its commitment to digitial media on handsets
* Samson introduces the Zoom H4 podcast recording device
* John talks about standards in podcasting
* Shout out of congratulations to Paul Colligan, Jason Van Orden and Rob Walch on their podcasting books
* PodShow closes a $15MM series B round
* Gigavox releases the Levelator (which we used on this episode)

Our closing music is Democracy from Alexander Blu

Our wine this week was a BV Coastal Estates 2005 Pinot Noir and a 1919 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon.

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