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Sirius/Curry to put Podcasts on Satellite Radio

Following last week's "StrategyCast", it looks like Sirius was allowed to make some "damn announcements" of their own.

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. is latching onto the "podcasting" phenomenon, launching a show later this month that will feature a daily selection of the increasingly popular do-it-yourself audio programs.

The host will be none other than Adam Curry. (A smart move, Adam. Congratulations.)

The only question in my mind: Will the "daily selection" include other talent outside of the "PodShow family?" Granted, it's in his best interest to run clips from his own network of talent, but I hate when these announcements shroud the fact that the content is going to be more promotional and less editorial.

Of course, I'll never know. I really have no need (or desire) to subscribe to satellite radio.

[from The Washington Post]

Update: Dave Winer shares his thoughts on the news.

He always wanted to compete with Howard Stern, now he gets to.

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