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Quotes from the Syndicate Conference, Day One

John Federico

"Little acts of responsiveness create a larger sense that your company is listening."
-- Nico Mele, CEO, EchoDitto

"Welcome to The Beginning."
-- Bob Wyman, CTO & Co-founder, PubSub Concepts

"There's so much opportunity, so much Blue Sky, around helping people make sense of the real-time web."
-- David Sifry, Founder & CEO, Technorati

"RSS has just as much value inside the corporation as it does for us on the outside."
-- Bob Wyman, CTO & Co-founder, PubSub Concepts

"Marketers used to worry about the size of the rock and the color of the rock. They would polish the rock until it was just right before they put it into the bucket. The rock doesn't matter. It's the size of the ripples in the water that matter."
-- Brian Clark, Co-founder & President, GMD Studios

"This market will be thrilling for the next two to three years until someone figures out how to destroy it."
-- Stephen Messer, Chairman & CEO, LinkShare