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Heatmap for AdSense Ads

WebProNews has an analysis of the newly posted heatmaps of Google AdSense ads. Searchviews offers the nicely bulleted synopsis (thanks, guys):

Darker colors mean your AdSense ads might perform better, according to a new heatmap that's been added to the Google Optimization Tips page.

From the looks of it, the positions above the fold and closest to content and site nav tend to do the best. Ads on the left side of the page fare better than the right, which is in line with the other heatmap that's been so hot lately, the result of an eye tracking study by Did-It and Enquiro.

Other optimization tips culled from the Google page's fine print:

  • Wider ads tend engage users longer than skinnier ads.

  • Multiple ad units do best on pages with lots of text, such as forums.

  • Don't overdo it on the filtering - if you're filtering out the top level domain of an ad, try doing just the exact destination URL.

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