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The Contextual Nature of "Fully Assembled"

So, when you buy something from a site called "", the term "fully assembled" has a very different meaning than, say, when you buy something at BestBuy.

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a "fully-assembled, high-powered FM transmitter" from that I found posted on Engadget. I'm going to use it in my car with my iPod mini.

Apparently, considers something to be "fully assembled" when you don't have to attach your own transistors, resistors and other electronic components to the circuit board.

When the transmitter arrived this morning, I was a bit suprised to open the box to find a circuit board without an accompanying case. (It might not even have battery connectors. Not sure. Didn't have that much time to look it over this morning when the UPS guy brought them.)

I guess I'll make a visit to my local Wal-Mart and peruse the aisle where they stock the various plastic containers - they work great for this kind of stuff, providing you don't care about aesthestics. (I don't. I'm going to stash it in the rear pocket of my seat.)

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