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Crystal Semantics Patents "Relevance"

John Federico

The USPTO allowd Crystal Semantics ("the leader of contextual Internet search solutions and developer of the world's first Sense Engine technology") to patent the technology related to the relevance of search results, both delivered by the search engine itself and the advertising associated with the results.

The technological process of Crystal Semantics' patent covers the following development areas:

  • Databases of keywords to motivate which advertisements should be placed on a page, similar to Google's Adsense and Adword products.

  • Word sense disambiguation, using contextual data rather than computer algorithms to determine the correct sense of a word.

  • Web spidering techniques to extract keywords & concepts from web-pages, enabling search queries to find the most appropriate website results.

  • Search engine optimization techniques, analyzing documents or web pages to extract specific documents to enhance future navigation.

  • Document classification techniques to enable categorization and navigation of large bodies of textual content.

  • Semantic pattern analysis to detect potential fraud or pedophile activity within Internet interactions.

(via MarketingVox)