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Branding Trends for 2005

John Federico

Here's some more from Nick Wreden on the Hotttest Branding Trends for 2005:

  1. Performance-based compensation

  2. Enhanced customer connectivity

  3. Social branding

  4. Universe is the brand

  5. Blogs, wikis and RSS

Also of note from his post, for 2006 and beyond:

Fast-forward to the future: Keep an eye on podcasting, mososo and immersive communications. These won’t have much of an impact in 2005, but could drive branding in 2006 and beyond. Podcasting involves using the iPod as a personal or group “radio station;” Mososo stands for mobile social software that connects people through mobile phones using location-based services; and immersive communications will leverage 64-bit processing, high-definition displays and such emerging technologies as Blu-ray that will make virtual reality less virtual and more real.