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Nouveau Niche

John Federico

The latest issue of the newsletter has part one of a piece on what they've dubbed Nouveau Niche - the move toward everything niche. ("The new riches will come from servicing the new niches!")

What's driving this trend?

  1. Consumers are more individualized than ever, expecting every good, service and experience to be addressing their unique and oh so important selves. ...
  2. The combination of online transparency of supply, prices, recommendations and opinions AND near one billion online users enables a match-making game connecting insanely segmented supply with equally fragmented NOUVEAU NICHE demand. ...
  3. New production processes, mass (!) distribution, technologies and communication channels, all enabling global economies of scale and scope, allow for virtually everything to be made and broadcast, at whatever specification, and whatever batch size. ...
  4. New producers, including the millions of members of GENERATION C, are adding niche content in text, audio, video by the tera bytes, to be purchased by micro audiences. ...

For more on this trend, see The Long Tail, Generation C, Master of the YOUniverse, Massclusivity, The Vanishing Mass Market and IDividualism.

(via PSFK)