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Apple Wins Brandcameo Award

Brandchannel has announced their 2004 awards for Product Placement. Winner of the Lifetime Achievement award is none other than Apple.

From its seminal 1984 mini-movie ad for the Mac (spoofing Orwell's 1984) Apple has been prevalent in our entertainment, if not in our actual lives.

As early as 1986, hits "Short Circuit" and "Star Trek IV" used Macs. Ten years later Apple appeared in three of the top five grossing films. By 1998 Apple computers were in more than 17 major films. Apple's sleek machines now appear in romantic films like "Something's Gotta Give" to slasher flicks like "Seed of Chucky," to comedies like "Dodgeball" to children's films like "Garfield."

Apple's placement across genres, from serious dramas to child- and tween-targeted films like "Sleepover," assures the brand a target audience of those who not only influence mom and dad's purchasing habits, but also those who are mom and dad. The brand's pace is unlikely to slow down in 2005, as we can already see in 2005's "Constantine" and "Fever Pitch."

(via MacNN)

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