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John Federico

Brad Feld tells us about Blarketing, an idea whose time has come.

As you might have deduced the strange sounding word comes from "Blogging" and "Marketing."

But Blarketing ... is different. ... Yeah - it’s promotion – but I’m proud of the work being done and I want the world to know. Blarketing is similar – I’m trying to tell you about real stuff that I think is good and worthwhile. If I stear you wrong and BS you, you’ll decide I’m full of crap and start ignoring me. So – there’s a built in governer on my behavior. I think this is broadly true for a medium like blogging – I get immediate feedback if I’m spewing out useless shit – and I know this – so I try to communicate relevant stuff, transparently, and with as much clarity and frankness as I can muster.

We’ll go through plenty of ups and downs along the way to using RSS / Blogging as an effective marketing medium. I’ve already seen a lot of new memes get propagated and I look forward to seeing some of these silly words take hold.

I'm not a big fan of the silly neologism, but I agree with the sentiment.

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