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Stealing Bandwidth

John Federico

I'm stealing bandwidth today. Again.

Lately, it seems that I steal a lot of bandwidth from my neighbors. I just can't help myself. See, it's not my wanton desire to ride on other people's wi-fi networks, but the unreliable nature of my so-called "plug-and-play" network equipment.

Last night, my WAP54G just stopped working. I tried to reset it, but got no love. And as luck (and life) would have it, I'm not going to be in my home office today, so I'll have to play network technician when I get home tonight.

Why is it that the rest of the world (including my generous neighbors) use the same Linksys equipment as I do without technical difficulties?

Between the persnickety nature of my BEFSR11 and the strange outages of my WAP54G, I have to wonder if there isn't some kind of weird anti-Linksys RF field surrounding my house...