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The "Problem" with Audiobooks

What's wrong with a good audiobook? Ostensibly nothing - unless you have someplace to you need to be.

Lately, I find myself arriving at my destination then sitting in my car, not wanting to pause the book. (This morning it was The Cluetrain Manifesto, which I've found to be a much better "listen" than a "read".)

Adding to my dilemma is the fact that I use an iPod to play downloadable audiobooks. At least when you're listening to a CD set, you might reach a natural midpoint, say, when you have to change discs. Since there are no discs to swap out when using a player, you could find yourself "lost" in a good book for hours.

The other day after arriving home, I sat in my driveway for 20 minutes, just so I could finish a book. My wife thought I was nuts. She finally called me on my cell phone to find out why I was sitting in the car in what appeared to be a catatonic state.

It's become a vice. (Albeit a thought-provoking one.)

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